Since the beginning, Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours always advocated a “working pet” policy among their pack rather than treating their huskies as just a “working dog”. Sled dogs who are treated as pets are raised, trained and care for much differently than sled dogs who are raised in a working dog environment. Snowy Owl’s sled dogs are born and raised indoors, given toys, experience daily puppy walks in the outdoors, participate in daily free run, see a veterinarian regularly, are vaccinated and de-wormed regularly, provided the best athletic dog foods/treats at all stages of their lives, groomed regularly, are given lots of love and attention and best of all they get to do what they love more than anything in the world all winter long! These are not dogs that need rescue and these are not the “sleddies” you may hear about at the Humane Societies or SPCA’s. These are exceptionally well cared for and cherished family members that are only re-homed to those the Snowy Owl family trust.

We are seeking friendly, mature and experienced people who have the TIME, PATIENCE and IDEAL LIFESTYLE needed to own a former sled dog. Our adoption process is a lengthy one since our dogs are adored members of our family. We do not take this important part of providing a happy retirement for each of our husky heroes lightly and therefore, please only send inquires if you can without doubt offer what we are seeking for our four-legged family.

What we are looking for:
1. Experienced owners. This goes for children in the house as well. If families with children are looking to adopt, the children in the home will already need to be experienced with dogs and display proper child/dog interaction skills. If you have never owned dog before, the sled dog breed is not an ideal place to start.
2. You need to own your own home or be able to show proof that you are allowed to have a dog in your rental home.
3. You need to have the space – small apartments and condos are not ideal.
4. Having a yard is ideal. These dogs love to be outside and letting them out as often as they would like is important.
5.You must have the time. We are looking for homes in which the dog will rarely be left home alone.
6. Most importantly, we are seeking people who realize that bringing a dog into their home is a commitment. We are seeking one adoptive home where the dog will be a part of the family for the rest of their life. Those who think it would be suitable to return the dog because their family is moving or they are having a baby for example should not inquire.

How it works:
*Please note this process in non-negotiable.*
1. Our adoption process is based on finding the right match for the dog and person. The adoption cannot be based on which dog you think is pretty/cute. We must match you based on your lifestyle and ability.
2. You must be willing to come to the Snowy Owl Kennel for a minimum of 10 visits and we may ask you to come more often if we feel it to be advantageous.
3. If you can commit to the 10 visit minimum, please write us an email (see address at the bottom of this page.)
4. We will send you a questionnaire which we ask you to fill out in detail.
5. After reviewing your questionnaire we will decide if we feel you will be an ideal match for any dogs we currently have available.
6. If we have dogs that will suite your lifestyle, we will return your email asking to set up your first initial visit.
7. The first couple of visits will be to narrow down which dog you feel the most compatible with. We will also be assessing which dogs seem to be a better match for you.
8. The remaining visits will be to take the dog out for walks which are done with our supervision. We will be assessing your handling skills and ability.
9. Once we feel that the adoption is ok to move forward (meaning you can handle the dog comfortably) and there is a clear mutual connection with the dog of choice, we will let you know and plan a time line accordingly.

Please note that we can decline and stop an adoption at any time should we feel the person is no longer a good candidate for one of our sled dogs. Our adoption process is generally done over the spring/summer/fall months. As we enter our “busy season” (October-May) we are less flexible and it may take us a little longer to respond to inquiries. If you are interested in providing a loving and caring home for one of our wonderful huskies please email our adoption coordinator,

You can view our current huskies available for adoption by clicking here – however, remember that we do not adopt based on appearance!