For many, dog sledding is an activity mistakenly viewed as the “same or similar experience” no matter the tour operator they choose. This unfortunately could not be further from the truth. Although sled dog touring companies all use dogs to pull sleds, each company has different morals, ethics and motives. The Snowy Owl Experience is famous for a number of attributes distinguishing them from the rest!

“We truly believe that participating in sled dog tours should only be done if both the visitors AND the sled dogs are having a great time! In order for any sled dog to enjoy their job, they need to be extremely well taken care of starting from what they eat to how much weight each sled dog pulls and everything in-between. This is why the ethical and humane treatment of our sled dogs is the foremost important aspect when participating in our programs. Each and every part of Snowy Owl has been developed to safe-guard our husky heroes in each phase of their life. In a non-regulated sport, sled dogs are at risk of being exploited and their love of pulling taking advantage of. This is why we have taken a stand in offering only humane dog sledding and promoting a “working pet” policy focused on respect for our four-legged co-workers.”
“We consider our visitors friends and like any great friendship, friends have each other’s backs! We believe price gouging is manipulation for a one sided personal gain. You can count on us to provide fair pricing found in the five-star quality of our programs as well as the exceptional dog care we deliver to our husky family! Unfailingly, our rates remain the same throughout the duration of each winter season and are never increased during our high demand periods such as holidays or weekends.”
As the first sled dog touring company in the Bow Valley, Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours created the first tours over a quarter of a century ago! Our expertise in the sport of sled dog touring is unsurpassed and our programs guaranteed unique and innovative. Although our custom ideas have been attempted for replication by a number of local operators, we remain the most reputable, ethical and dependable sled dog touring company in the Bow Valley!
“Our Company has become very successful over the past 34 years. We have taken our time in growth and increasing our availability even though the demand for our outstanding programs has been constant. Although we have grown in size since 1983, we still remain a small, family owned and operated business at heart. We are fully involved in all aspects of our company given that it is also our livelihood. As owners, we still guide and instruct tours, manage the kennel, take reservations and supervise each and every process of our business. Naturally, this extraordinary standard of management creates the consistent five star quality our customers have come to love and enjoy on each adventure they join. We are very proud to be able to accommodate not only individual requests but larger group requirements as well – all while maintaining the intimate quality of our unique programs!”
Dog sledding is considered a motivating, thrilling sport and like many exciting activities there is risk involved. We take the safety of every individual, both human and canine very seriously. This is why our gear and husky heroes are examined several times throughout the day to ensure everything and everyone is in seamless working order. Our trails are expertly groomed, surveyed and maintained to ensure safe travel for our guests and sled dogs at all times. Exclusive, careful selection and customization of each sled dog team is completed the day prior to each tour providing the highest available service in creating comfortable, safe, exciting touring programs.
Although our programs are designed to be accommodating and “guest friendly”, only our adventures are the “real deal”! With use of beautiful, traditional sled dog breeds, our drive your own sled options and wide variety of adventures professionally offered on stunning, back country mountain trails, our visitors achieve the most significant ‘REAL’ hands on dog sledding experience anywhere. After all, our trail head is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies nestled between frozen lakes, glaciers and magnificent mountain ranges. We are immersed in Mother Nature’s frozen landscape – there are no simulated, virtual reality or “Disney Rides” found here.
Even though the “Snowy Owl Experience” is available to many, our customer service is personable and customized allowing our guests an adventure tailored to their specific dream. In saying this, sled dog touring has always been an engaging, community activity creating a sense of togetherness for families and friends alike. We have such a special opportunity to share this brilliant sport with visitors from all over the world and balance exclusivity and demand without compromising the quality of our tours or guest experience.
The enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated two legged employees within our company are carefully selected and thoroughly trained to ensure their capabilities as professional touring instructors, kennel managers, chauffeurs and receptionists are unvaryingly top notch. Each of our fabulous, important, appreciated employees undergoes an extensive training process to ensure they are proficient and expertly prepared for their respective positions.
The legendary Snowy Owl sled dogs are of course the stars of the show! They are a pack of beautiful, intelligent, personable, happy, healthy, trustworthy and eager sled dogs who are absolutely head-over-heals in love with their job! Our husky heroes are well known as being the most well cared for and beautiful pack in the area! Our stunning huskies are a confident, exceptionally well trained and cared for team who are also tested on their abilities to handle many different trail scenarios and conditions. This pack will be eager and willing to draw you into our revered Canadian wilderness!