Training the Snowy Owl Husky Heroes:

Our dog training program is very respectful, humane and safe for our huskies. We do not use a large treadmill or hook our huskies up to a piece of equipment which requires that they run in circles. We believe in training our huskies by building trust and the strong bond of friendship. We introduce them and assist them in working through real scenarios that occur on the trail. In teaching our huskies trail etiquette we find that exposing them to real situations, during the training months, works most effectively in establishing secure comfort levels for them and an automatic understanding of how to safely react to the challenges of their future job.

In the summer and fall we use a quad all-terrain vehicle and a mule, which is a larger all-terrain vehicle. We do not allow our huskies to pull the vehicles. We simply let our huskies run at an easy, relaxed pace to keep them fit, happy and healthy. As winter approaches we begin to add to the miles they run to build endurance. By the beginning of the season our huskies are able to run 40kms in a day with an hour long break between each 10kms at which time they are watered and fed.

Our puppies spend their mornings going for long walks to keep them fit and social with other puppies and adults as well. They begin their first run within the team at six months old in the swing (middle) position with an older veteran husky. The veteran is always very calm and relaxed providing security to the puppy. We do not want the process to scare him/her. The greatest percentage of the pups will run and pull quite naturally, however, there is a very small percentage that do not. We will work with these less willing pups using many alternative and positive techniques. Sometimes it requires only that we run alongside the pup for a few feet to boost his/her confidence. Despite our best efforts some huskies just aren’t meant to be sled dogs and if for some reason the puppy decides it would rather be a house pet, the young pup is put up for adoption. Visit the adoption page here!

We respect all our huskies’ decisions and understand that they are very much like people. They all have very different personalities. By nature huskies are very commonly excited to meet new people. Socialization is an integral part of training program but there are a few huskies who are more reserved and timid. Some of our more timid huskies have been rescued and some have been born right here in our kennel. Although all our huskies have had the same opportunity to socialize with our guests some would rather not be pet by people they do not know well. All our huskies are very well trained. We are sure you will agree that they are when you join us on the trail!