Snowy Owl’s Signature Guest Driven Sled:
The ultimate experience in sled dog touring! Pioneered and branded in the Bow Valley by Snowy Owl founders Connie and Charley Arsenault in 1983, this option alone created a dog sledding experience unlike anything else! Their vision was to share the same thrill they experienced when they stepped onto the back of a dog sled for the very first time! Since then our self-drive option has remained our most popular for obvious reasons!
Our Guest Driven sled allows visitors the opportunity to drive their very own dog team along with their friends and family! That’s right! You will have between 4-6 happy and eager sled dogs whisking you down the trail as you navigate your own sled! Now, we certainly don’t send you out on the trail without training and supervision! We provide a comprehensive introduction and instruction on the do’s and don’ts of driving a dog team as well as the additional support and careful supervision of our experienced, professional instructors! Our instructors will be driving their own sled dog team ahead of you, assessing your progress as well as providing helpful reminders in keeping your sled controlled. Our sled dogs are exceptionally well trained and cared for. Each and every dog running on our guest driven sleds has passed a number of tests on focus, responsiveness and work ethic. Only dogs who pass our tests with flying colours are allowed to join our guest driven sleds.

Snowy Owl’s Instructor Driven Sled:
This option is wonderful for guests with any physical challenges or medical conditions that may make driving a sled unsafe or uncomfortable. Also, any guests with heart conditions or recent injuries for example would benefit from joining an instructor driven sled. Instructor driven sleds can be an excellent choice for visitors who may have a lot of questions and would like to learn even more about dog sledding! In addition, we understand not everyone wishes to drive a sled and if they do decide to give it a try, they would rather have an experienced instructor beside them! Although our instructor driven sleds do not share the same driving experience as our Guest Driven Sled option, we are very flexible in allowing guests to participate at their own comfort level whether that is just standing on the back and letting the instructor control the sled.

Snowy Owl’s Sleds & Equipment:
Our sleds are custom designed and manufactured in house by our expert mushers using the highest grade white ash wood. Each sled has been handcrafted to our needs and terrain to ensure the most comfortable and safe experience for our visitors. Our equipment is clean, in excellent condition and safety inspected prior to each tour.
Our sleds come equipped with:
1. A fastened wind and water resistant sled bag complete with important safety straps.
2. Luxurious three inch foam padding enhancing guest comfort.
3. Beautiful, warm “Pendleton” wool blankets.

How it works:
1. Per sled weight limits are in effect to safeguard our husky family and valued guests.
2. Sled configurations are based on the number of people in the group as well as which sled options chosen.
3. Restrictions are in effect for driving a Guest Driven Sled – children that are tall enough to reach the handle bar and heavy enough to stop the sled are welcome to drive at the discretion of the instructors on site only.
4. Dog sledding is a “sport” and does require some physical activity while driving the sled. If you are hesitant about your physical ability, be sure to ask one of our representatives when making your reservation.