For maximum enjoyement, please dress accordingly. Here is a list of items you should wear for you winter dog sledding adventure:
1. Insulated winter jacket
2. Insulated snow pants
3. Wool or synthetic wool socks
4. Scarf or something to cover your face
5. Supportive insulated winter boots above the ankle
6. Warm toque/beanie/hat that covers your ears
7. Insulated winter mittens or gloves
8. Wool/silk/synthetic wool under-layers
9. Goggles or sun glasses
10. Sunscreen
11. Lip balm/chap-stick
Acceptable Items to wear:
-Insulated winter jacket
-Down jacket
-Small down jacket under wind/water proof shell
-Fleece jacket under wind/water proof shell
-Insulated winter coveralls
-Insulated snow pants
-Fleece pants under wind/water proof outer pant
-Wool or synthetic wool socks
-Supportive insulated winter boots above the ankle
-Supportive insulated wind/water resistant hiking boot above the ankle
-Snowboard boots
-Warm toque/beanie/hat that covers your ears
-Insulated winter mittens or gloves
-Wool/silk/synthetic wool under-layers
-Goggles or sun glasses
-Lip balm/chap-stick
-Small day pack with water, granola bars/snacks, extra warm layers and camera
-Photo/video taking device – -IPhone, GoPro, Camera, selfie stick…
Wearing these items put you at risk of exposure. Remember, if you are not warm your experience no longer becomes an enjoyable one. Please do not wear these items:
-Leggings without snow pants
-Jeans even with snow pants
-Leggings underneath jeans
-High healed boots/shoes/wedges
-Sneakers/Tennis shoes
-Cotton socks (if it’s not a winter sock, don’t wear it.)
-Slipper style boots such as UGGS
-Rubber boots such as Hunters
-Helmets (they can cause injury to other people sitting in the sled.)
-Ski boots
-Large bags
-Dog treats
-We cannot take care of your dog at our office and you cannot bring your own dog/pet on tour – even if it’s small or a husky.